• `"Saraswati Devi (Amanda) has two outstanding characteristics with which she leads through the meditation classes: warmth and clarity. Both sides are important as they connect the heart with the mind. In every meditation class she is able to show the topic of the day in a way that enables you to reflect the many different sides and aspects. You can think over your own habits, thoughts and deeds according the topic and adjust yourself. This alone is very enriching but that is not all. As she also works energetically, the participants can feel where there might be some personal „dark“ aspects and might get a feeling of freedom when they witness an energetic release. Saraswati does a great work to gift humanity. Specially in this time it is important to connect to the inner wisdom and to get intimate with oneself. Saraswati can join you on this way to a more holistic YOU"
    Andrea, Berlin
  • “Starting from the first day of my spiritual journey until recently, I tried several different meditation styles with different teachers. When I met Saraswati Devi (Amanda) I thought that was what I had been searching for. Her kindness and energy gives me peace and love. She is like a close friend as well as a professional teacher. The energy of her meditations is so high and mantras we sing together take me to such a different dimension that sometimes I find it difficult to come back to this time-space reality.

    I consider myself very lucky to have the opportunity to join her sessions”. Sibel, Berlin
  • “I attended Saraswati Devi's (Amanda’s) mantra class from the Fall 2017 until Spring 2018, when she went to stay in India for a few months. While she was there, she maintained e-mail contact with her students to share her experience there in her Guru's ashram. When she came back to Berlin and set up a new weekly guided meditation class, I joined it and have been attending it since.

    Saraswati Devi is not only an amazing meditation teacher, she also is a warm, kind and smart person, dedicated to helping others. Her involvement with each of her students is sincere and profound. She enthusiastically shares her knowledge about meditation and Hinduist spirituality in a way that makes them very clear, tangible to us, helpful and directly related to our individual experiences. Her guidance is gentle, respectful and always optimistic. The meditation sessions are intense, healing moments, their effects triggering deep-lasting changes.

    I'm convinced she can help more people through meditation in other settings. I can only wish these people to be so lucky as to have the opportunity to experience positive evolution in their lives through her teaching“. Emma, Berlin
  • “Amanda is always positive and full of energy.

    What I love about her meditations is that they are easy to follow yet still very profound and precise. Music and songs are also part of her style and I find singing mantras very energising and powerful. Every time I walk out of her meditation I feel like I have learnt something new and during the days that follow I can see how those informations settle down into my soul. As a consequence my life and relationships with others improve. I improve.

    I feel very lucky and privileged to have her into my life!“ Carmine, Berlin
  • “I just like it to listen to the words of Amanda. This guided meditation is like a journey in the deepness of my soul. On one journey I found this haiku, which is my present for her:

    ‘Thoughts flow like the little waves on the lake’.

    Thank you dear Saraswati!" Andreas, Berlin
  • “Saraswati Devi's (Amanda’s) love, understanding and inner peace is so healing. She always finds the right words or hints what to do or what to focus on and sometimes it is even beyond all of that. Her energy is radiating on its own and transcends alot.

    She has my full trust and support for her goal to spread more JOY within society. ”Tabea, Berlin
  • “Saraswati Devi (Amanda) is a wonderful person and I really enjoy her meditation classes. The energy in the meditations is very uplifting and I feel the positive changes in my being after the meditation. And I also enjoy that she is drawing from her own life experiences when explaining spiritual concepts. She is a very open and joyful person and I can recommend anyone to join her meditation classes! “Inana, Berlin
  • „Amanda is an amazing person and teacher.

    She puts so much thought and preparation into all her classes, you so feel this. She has passion and total authenticity. I have learnt so much from her not only through her classes and teachings, but her living the things she teaches, her growth and sparkle. She has very much inspired me and continues to“. Amber, Berlin

    “Amanda's genuine passion for meditation makes her classes very interesting”. Aage, Berlin