Our Story


Shakti Durga
Spiritual teacher

Amanda has received regular training and support for over 6 years from Shakti Durga and other teachers within the school Shanti Mission. The teachings in Shanti Mission have assisted Amanda transform many challenges and difficulties in her life to a life that is deeply fulfilling, joyful and peaceful.

Shakti Durga is one of Australia’s most well-known and respected spiritual teachers, authors and sacred musicians – a seeker of the Eternal wisdom from both Eastern and Western sources. She founded the spiritual school Shanti Mission.

Shakti Durga is a master energy healer with the ability to ‘ignite’ the spirits of her students. Shakti Durga has incredible insight and wisdom into what causes pain in people’s lives and uses her skill, grace and expertise to empower people to liberate themselves from that pain and return to the natural state of joy, self-love and peace at the core of everyone’s being.

For more on Shakti Durga visit: www.shaktidurga.com