Our Story


Sri Sakthi Amma
Spiritual teacher

Sri Sakthi Amma is an esteemed spiritual leader in India. Sri Sakthi Amma helps empower devotees to live a life of truth, purpose, kindness, love and service.

In 1995, Amma founded the Sri Narayani Peedam, a spiritual centre in a remote village called Thirumalaikodi, located near Vellore in Southern India. The centre has been created with the aim of assisting visitors to connect to more peace, harmony and wisdom regardless of religious beliefs. There are many charitable projects including feeding up to 10,000 people daily, planting trees across the region, donating cows and calves to poor families, free education and health care to those in need.

Sri Sakthi Amma assisted Amanda to realise her lifes purpose and continues to give her the confidence to share her greatest passion and gift to the world. Amanda receives regular guidance and support from Amma.

For more information on Sri Sakthi Amma and the spiritual centre visit http://www.narayanipeedam.org/